Overview Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects is committed to superb design, excellent service and exploring sustainable futures. We believe that good design in all its aspects can improve life and make things work more practically and economically. Every one of us has the right to a good quality environment, just as we expect clean water and good health. 

SWA believe that good design in all its aspects can improve our wellbeing and make things work more efficiently and economically

What we do

SWA designs beautiful, inspiring, practical environments. We undertake careful research and analysis of all aspects of a project to ensure we produce resilient and sustainable proposals. Our designs are underpinned by close collaboration with clients and stakeholder groups to generate the brief and test our ideas. 

Building relationships

Architecture creates relations between people, and relationships are crucial to our success. We build trusting collaborations with all those involved in realising our projects. Whether Local Authorities, community groups, charities or individuals, our wide range of clients attest to the success of our way of working.

Long lasting solutions

We are committed to ensuring our work does not put the environment in jeopardy. We consider the consequences of our work from the very outset, through whole life cycle design. Since 80% of a building’s cost is during its use, we aim for simple, robust technical and energy solutions that do not build in problems for the future.

The end product

Our architecture is an original and unique response to the people and places we meet in each project. Accordingly all our projects are different. From affordable housing in inner London to a new primary school for children in Wakefield, each one is a journey of discovery, and we love this. We enjoy the sensory and textural nature of materials and are committed to using natural and recycled products wherever possible. 



While those that occupy our work tell us how much they enjoy being there and what a difference it has made to their lives, our projects also win design awards.

If you think our skills and vision can contribute towards your project, come and talk to us