Air Quality Monitoring Station

Location: Westminster, London
Completion: 2011
Contract value: £10,000

The AQMS has been located outside the University of Westminster on Marylebone Road since June 1997, housed within a green metal cabin. It is the premier research site in the UK, which establishes the links between traffic emissions, air pollution concentrations and health effects. In 2010 the Station had become over crowded and required an extension. In response to complaints that the existing cabin was unsightly SWA were appointed to design a new cladding for both the new and existing cabins. The site is located on a Red Route and we needed to consult with TFL and Westminster Council in developing the design proposal.
It was important that the cladding solution was low cost, easy to maintain and inert so as not to interfere with the air quality data being collected. Our proposal is for a simple, robust timber cladding. Vertical timber fins of varying depth wrap around the cabin, at high level the timber is spaced apart allowing free flow of air to the monitoring equipment on the roof of the cabins. 

“‘I came to SWA with a problem and a very small budget. The project was in a high profile, public location and they provided a simple and inexpensive design solution... which was achieved on schedule and on budget”
David Green, Kings College London