25th Sep 2019 — Instagram

This month we’re championing health and wellbeing as part of our ongoing diversity calendar. We’re reflecting on the importance of green-spaces and their affect on physical and mental health.
Our proposal for Letchworth’s new garden city focuses on creating a living and lively place for the future – facilitating resilient sustainable communities, fostering social interaction and a shared relationship with the surrounding environment. With centralised car ports that encourage walking, a tree planting strategy along with biodiverse meadow planting, pocket parks and community gardens. The proposal revisits one of the driving forces behind the original garden city principles – healthy living.

This month our studio soup club has made a donation to @islingtonmind supporting their mission to provide flexible community mental health services which meet local needs.

Reference quote: Greenspace Scotland, Health Impact Assessment of greenspace: A Guide, 2008 – this resource is feely accessible online

Other writing on the topic: CABE, Future health
Sustainable places for health and well-being