1st May 2020 — Instagram

This week’s #SWA25digital project is Sandal Magna Primary School – this project provided inspiring, low-energy and unique learning environments, encouraging green thinking and everyday awareness of sustainability.

As part of#stayhomewithswa we’re sharing some of the ways our team member Katharine has been keeping her little one entertained at home.

Katharine and the family have made lots of paintings, playdoh pictures, an easter wreath, painted fir cones collected from the park, made a puppet, built blocks, raced cars, played puzzles, read books, baked cakes, iced biscuits, played sports, attended online classes and watered the plants. Whether you’re painting found objects or making bird houses out of old cartons we think it’s a great time to get resourceful and repurpose the things we have in the house.

We’ve also been loving the activities that @school_for_creative_thinkers have been sharing – look to their website for more info. + @oaknational offer a range of online classes for different ages.

#stayhomewithswa and learn and play!