22nd May 2020 — Instagram

This week is our final #SWA25digital project! We have loved being able to share with you the projects that will feature in our exhibition and hope you’ve enjoyed the taste of what’s to come! .
Our various work in Ebbsfleet inspired this piece, which is focused on ecosystems. In particular, movement and energy flows in response to the different environments within the Ebbsfleet masterplan. .
Lockdown has meant that we have reflected on the change in ecosystem that we are interacting with on a daily basis – for most of us in London, a city to a house. When thinking about how we are moving in our homes, it became apparent that a lot of our energy has been flowing into our tech! With special thought that this week is Mental Health Week, we will all be trying to make sure we have a restful and rejuvenating bank holiday weekend, whatever our current environment.
#stayathomewithSWA #ecosystems #environment #mentalhealth